Become a Sandtray Summit Sponsor

When you becone a sponsor for the Sandtray Therapy Summit, you'l have the opportunity to have focused attention from your ideal peope who are looking to purchase what you have to offer.

To provide multiple opportunities to businesses who wish to cast a spotlight on their business with excited and motivated therapists, we are providing you with the ability to be a sponsor at the Summit.

Sponsors receive recognition through website publication, event notices, and other communication, depending on the level of sponsorship chosen. Each sponsor also receives free vendor space on our online portal.

Please select which level you would like to purchase from the list below.

Title Sponsor

$1000 USD
  • Co-branding with IAST on all marketing
  • Swag box inserts
  • Vendor space on Whova App

Post Card Sponsor

$150 USD
  • Provide an insert that will be placed inside of each attendee's Swag box

Swag Sponsor

$150 - $500 USD
  • Logo on comemorative tumbler ($500)
  • Premium miniature ($300)
  • Plastic Tray ($250)
  • Stress Squeeze Ball ($250)
  • Coloring post cards ($250)
  • Pens ($200)
  • Small Miniature ($150)